Tungsten Rack

*Made of 6061 hard anodized aluminum, stainless hardware with a silicone pad

*Conveniently holds the size Tungsten you are currently using keeping them clean and organized

*Fits tungsten electrodes from 0.020” up to 1/8”

*Facilitates faster more convenient tungsten changes while wearing gloves

*Made in the USA – raw materials may be global

The KLEMCO Tungsten Rack is machined in the USA from 6061-T6 aluminum and finished with a Type III hard anodize. The purpose is to conveniently hold and organize your Tungstens in a clean and convenient fashion facilitating easy access for tungsten changes while wearing gloves. The rack also provides convenient transport to your tungsten sharpening area so that all tungstens can be sharpened and kept clean. No more tungstens laying on a dirty workbench. 

The Tungsten Rack has 10 holes for tungsten sizes 0.020” up to 1/16” and 10 holes for tungsten sizes 3/32” to 1/8”. The idea is to only rack the size tungsten you are currently using for the current job, not to rack 20 tungstens of different sizes. Use other methods for general storage and the KLEMCO Tungsten Rack for the tungstens in current use. Also, it looks classy and pairs well with the KLEMCO Rod Dock.

Back Story

The KLEMCO Tungsten Rack exists because I was showing the KLEMCO Rod dock to an awesome welder. He said he wished he had a Rod Dock back when he was welding professionally. Then he said it would be cool to have a rack for the electrodes that would make it easier to swap them out while welding. It would also make it more convenient when sharpening. Turns out it is super convenient and I use the KLEMCO Tungsten Rack whenever TIG welding.