First-off: The WaterWeazel is made in the USA from components made in the USA.

The WaterWeazel is a point-of-use water directing solution for any hose, hose bib, or other water supply attachment that utilizes a standard 3/4″ GHT/NH thread (Standard garden hose thread for USA and Canada). Hose bibs never seem to point in the correct direction to fill anything directly and they certainly aren’t conducive to anything close to laminar flow. When connecting directly to a hose bib the WaterWeazel makes it easy to fill your mop bucket, 5 gallon bucket, watering trough etc.. Simply bend the WaterWeazel to point in the appropriate direction and fill your vessel. You can also place the WaterWeazel on the end of your hose and use it to keep the force lower on your RVs filling port (see pic below). When filling a barrel or other vessel with a hose; simply bend the WaterWeazel in a 180 and hook it on the side of the container (see pic below). This will keep the water flowing where it should by restraining the hose so it does not flop around because of the force of the water stream exiting the hose. If you have ever needed to fill a large tub, trough, or barrel you know exactly what we are talking about.